Molecule Mattress Vs Amerisleep

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Molecule Mattress Vs Amerisleep

Molecule Mattress EggMolecule Mattress Vs Amerisleep

The Molecule mattress high-performance memory foam bed that is fantastic for hot sleepers that crave the feeling of foam, but do not enjoy the heat retention that a conventional foam mattress is well-known for. The mattress is currently only available on Their website. When you make your order it should arrive within about 5 business days. It includes a sleep trial in which if you don’t love it, they’ll let customers to exchange it.

Molecule Mattress Vs Amerisleep


How Much Does it Cost?

Below are the cost at the moment of the mattress. You should be aware that they have coupons and discounts that keep the prices competitive.

Right now they’re giving up to $200 savings off the price listed below. {oleMolecule Mattress Vs Amerisleep



Overview of the Molecule Mattress

Here is a video summary of the Molecule highlighting some of its advantages:

This mattress is on the lighter side of the spectrum but not a soft squish queen.

The foam is able to recover quickly, but it is a bit spongy.

The best part of this mattress is that it does not absorb as much heat as a foam mattress.

This is fantastic for those who sleep that are hot.


Who Sleeps on a Molecule Mattress?

Molecule has a variety of athlete brand ambassadors. Their slogan is that we’re all athletes , and that we all require recovery and rest throughout during the day to perform our best. Listed below are a few athletes who sleep on a Molecule:

Nastia Liukin: 5 time olympic medalist

Susan Francia twice gold-medallist at the Olympics.

Ryan Hall: American record holder of half and marathon race

Sara Hall: 2012 US National cross country winner{ oleMolecule Mattress Vs Amerisleep


Structure of the Molecule Mattress


Below are the construction details as listed on their website:

Molecule Mattress Egg



It wicks away heat and moisture to keep skin cool. As your body temperature fluctuates throughout the night, Molecule’s advanced cover fabric responds rapidly changing cooling and evaporation. Microban(r) an antimicrobial solution keeps your mattress fresh and clean.

Microban is a registered trademark of Microban International, Ltd.



The best restorative sleep occurs in the time your body drops. This is why only Molecule offers this unique open-cell, airy structure to ensure constant cooling, even when the weight of your body is compressed. You can get support by utilizing the airflow of memory foam which is the standard.



The foam mattress is more durable than traditional egg-crate mattresses and offer more support needed by active individuals as well as airflow. Ergonomically-engineered Molecule comes with a meticulously-engineered matrix of hexagon-and diamond-shaped channels which respond to your unique anatomy and encourage warmth even in the deepest melancholy points. It is a great way to get a fresh start and feel relaxed from sore joints and muscles.



The base mattress of the Molecule is large of 7″ in firm support that. It promotes an alignment of the spine that is healthy. The material promotes even more heat and air circulation. {Molecule Mattress Vs Amerisleep


My Molecule Findings

The Molecule features a stretchy, knitted cover that works with the mattress. This is the mattress I have looked at and the cover is made using microban technology. I suggest using a protector simply to safeguard it even though it’s microban.

Molecule Mattress Egg


My Molecule Recommendation

The Molecule is not your typical three-layer foam mattress. It feels like one and even resembles other ones I’ve tested, but what sets it from the rest is that it’s one of the most fashionable foam mattresses that I’ve tested. It addresses problems with heat in mattresses. A well-known method of using materials that change phase but the effect is only temporary and the mattress is likely to heat up. Molecule has designed cut and the foam of the foam for maximum breathability in a situation where the use of phase change materials is not essential. Molecule’s molecule

I came across this mattress for quite a few dollars and it might not be best for stomach sleepers, but back sleepers and side sleepers will be delighted by the design, cooling and pressure relief that this mattress provides. {Molecule Mattress Vs Amerisleep


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