From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank all of my Santa Cruz County customers for all the support over the years. I would never be where I am in life without all of you. After 40 years of life as a busy business owner, I am really looking forward to doing some spectacular things in my retirement. Here is an update on what I will be doing in the next few years.

I worked 7 days a week for most of my life. I will now have time to pursue other activities, such as travel, which I have put aside in pursuit of my career. I am planning to take several vacations. Domestically there’s an area in Michigan, my home state, which I have always loved called Charlevoix. This summer, I will rent a house on the lake, a dream of mine for many years. I feel overjoyed that I will have the opportunity to spend much more time with my family and friend in Michigan.

The first major international trip I am going to take is to Italy and Portugal. When I was younger, I always traveled on a tight budget, this will be a new experience traveling with greater funds. I am also using a travel company, Zicasso, for the first time to plan my this dream vacation.

Most importantly, I am newly a grandpa and I can’t wait to spend time with my new granddaughter, Josephine. All of the great values I have learned as a business owner will be passed down to this beautiful girl. I can not wait to watch her grow and have more time to spend with my growing family.

I am expanding my horizons to open up to a lot of interesting things I have neglected from working so hard for so long. I really appreciate all of my customers supporting me over the years, which has created the foundation for the beautiful life I am living. Senate closing has been very emotional with customers coming by every day to say goodbyes. I am so grateful to have met so many people throughout this journey as a small business owner. I am so fortunate to have had such a strong career and I can’t wait for life’s new adventures.